This is a revolutionary Holy Quran reading pen,leads the learners to read and pronounce holy Quran,just like a private tutor.Different languages and reciters are available.It is powerful to spead islamic culture,You will find it enjoyable to read Quran

The Reader Pen

Point-reading:You can read any Surah,Ayah and page of the Holy Quran. Multi-language available:Different reciters and languages are available.You can select your ideal ones. Translation:It supports different verison holy quran.The learners can choose his favourite one.

Information Disc (CD)

You can have all optional reciters:AI-Sudais & AI-Shuraim, AI-Menshawi, AI-Ajimy, AI-Ghamidi, Abdul-Basit, AI-Hudhaifi, AI-Afasy, AI-Parheezgar, AI-Shateri, Hussary, AI-Marud, Maher AI-Muaigly, Muhammad-Ayyoub, Muhammad-jibreel, and others.

Zad Al-Muslim Book

Zad Almuslim Book: A bundled book for Hadith, some invocations to God, and other information that are useful to all Muslims. The book data comes translated into three languages: Arabic, French and English for ease of use to all users of all cultures and ages

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Date Converter

Hijri to Gregorian
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Holy Quran Favor

عن أنس رضي الله عنه قال : قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ( إن لله تعالى أهلين من الناس . قالوا : يا رسول الله من هم ؟ قال : هم أهل القران أهل الله وخاصته ) . (صحيح الجامع2165)